“Be Still and Know that I am God”

Psalm 46:10

The intent of Contemplative Outreach is to foster the process of transformation in Christ in one another through the practice of Centering Prayer.


As a chapter of Contemplative Outreach International, Contemplative Outreach of Maryland and Washington (COMW) is comprised of volunteers and serves Maryland, Washington, DC and the surrounding area. COMW’s mission, as stated in the Vision Statement and Theological principles of Contemplative Outreach, is to support existing Centering Prayer groups, foster the formation of new Centering Prayer groups, and offer training for Group Facilitators and Presenters of the Introduction to Centering Prayer Workshop.


Centering prayer now offered via Zoom or conference call! Click here for list of groups in our chapter, Contemplative Outreach of Maryland and Washington, offering centering prayer via Zoom or conference call.

Updated January 28, 2021




COMW Virtual Half-Day Retreat
Finding Your True Self
Exploring who you really are

Led by David Morgan

Saturday, August 21, 2021
9am to 12pm EDT (Via Zoom)
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Click here for Details and Contact information.




COMW Virtual Half-Day Retreat
Led by Bob Mischke
Guard of the Heart
Recorded Saturday, July 10, 2021

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COMW Virtual Half-Day Retreat
Led by LJ Milone
“The Cloud of Unknowing”
Recorded Saturday, June 26, 2021

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COMW Virtual Half-Day Retreat
Led by Fr. Vincent Pizzuto
“In the Shadow of Your Wings”
Recorded Saturday, May 15, 2021

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In partnership with our national organization, Contemplative Outreach Ltd. (COL), COMW offers a hybrid path for Facilitator training/enrichment for those in our Maryland/Washington DC area. It combines:

  • COL’s online training program (available for a fee here).
    As an enrichment, you can download free slides slides and handouts and exercises from a more recent online facilitator training retreat, but no videos are available.
  • A COMW mentoring period, as suggested in The Facilitator’s Handbook
  • COMW’S in-person, overnight Facilitating Workshop (May 20-21, 2022)

For details and registration. Contact Marjorie Centofanti for further information.


COMW Six Day Centering Prayer Retreat: Intensive & Post-Intensive

Sponsored by Contemplative Outreach of Maryland and Washington, D.C. (COMW). Claggett Retreat Center, Adamstown, Maryland.  October 24-29, 2021. This retreat is now full (posted 2/14/2021). Contact Kathleen Blank Riether to get on the wait list. Contact Suzi Kindervatter for details. Click here for details and registration.


COMW Overnight Facilitating Workshop

Now planned for May 20-21, 2022.
Check the COMW website in October 2021 to register.
Please contact Marjorie Centofanti for further information.
Rescheduled from May 2021.


Resting in God:  An Introductory Workshop on Centering Prayer, Part 1 with LJ Milone and Fr. Carl Arico https://youtu.be/Dk2xH0XAK3c
Resting in God:  An Introductory Workshop on Centering Prayer, Part 2 with Fr. Carl Arico
There is also a “playlist” that lists both parts together at
Recorded July 18, 2020. Sponsored by COMW.



Contemplative Outreach Ltd June 18, 2020
Endorsed by Contemplative Outreach of Maryland and Washington 

“To be in the kingdom is to participate in God’s solidarity with the poor by sharing with them the good things that have been given to us.  In the New Testament the great sin is to be deaf to the cry of the poor whether that cry springs from emotional, material, or spiritual need.  Although we cannot help but partake in some degree in social injustice because we live in this world, we must constantly reach out in concrete and practical ways to those in need.  Divine love is not a feeling, but a choice.”
– Thomas Keating, Meditations on the Parables of Jesus

In the spirit that exclaims, “we are all created equal,” Contemplative Outreach unites its voice with those who have been oppressed, violated, discriminated against, abused, exploited, and who now are asking to be considered normal human beings! At the same time we reject the use of violence in the struggle to achieve equality. We acknowledge that those who discriminate are also human beings and in need of healing as well.

Contemplative Outreach recognizes that discrimination, being part of our cultural conditioning, can be healed by contemplative practices like Centering Prayer. We invite all of us who consciously or unconsciously recognize that we participate or have participated in acts of discrimination to open our hearts to the healing power of God, so that united with those who have been the victims of discriminatory acts, we can all be healed together.

With the hope of love and peace for our world,
Your Governing Board